Beyond's Founding Scrapbook: The First Chapter

I wish I had come up with a sweet tagline for Beyond New York's vision, something short, snappy, and shareable on social media.

But Beyond is so much more than just a catch phrase- more than anything, Beyond New York, Inc. represents courage- the courage to go off script on the story of "life". The courage to dream bigger, aim higher and most of all, make a lasting impact in the world we live in.

So instead of confining to a single tagline, Beyond's story will be an on going scrapbook where we share a tapestry of stories, anecdotes and musings that touch on everything from fashion history to mental health awareness to motivational positivity. All the ingredients that help form Beyond New York, Inc. and the areas Beyond hopes to positively impact.

Our goal is to create a "scrapbook" that not only preserves moments in time but also serves as a springboard for engaging discussions and storytelling as we build the Beyond community.

Every brand is built by its community. We invite you to be a part of this scrapbook blog journey, where each entry will be a glimpse into our re-written script, raw, authentic, unfiltered.

So, grab a cup of tea, cozy up, and let's build a community where every voice is valued and every knowledge or experience cherished. Our future scrapbook memories await, and we can't wait to see the stories unfold.

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